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Professional Photographic Services and Artist's Gallery

Thank you for visiting Ed's Imagery web site where you will find an exhibition of my photographic imagery and a menu of services I provide. My objective is to not only display my artistry, but to inspire the viewer to create and to explore the possibilities of expression that have exploded in the digital age. Many proclaimed the end of traditional film photography and the obsolescence of career photographers. Now, an unskilled photographer can see his failings immediately and correct them rather than be disappointed after having his film developed. The artist with a camera too has the advantage of being able to make adjustments to his composition on the spot.. My objective is not to impress anyone with what I do, but to inspire those with graphic ideas to make them a reality.

Art Gallery

Please view my Art Galleries for a glimpse of my creative side expressed with my camera, helpful models and Adobe Photoshop. The quality of art is subjective and my tastes are varied much like anyone. I have been influenced by the era in which I grew up. I watched with great relish the classic films of Golden Hollywood and the stars greatly impacted my view of beauty. " Portraits" Is a fragment of my numerous sessions and it meant to display my talent of composure and the use of lighting. Another Gallery but fewer Girls. Gallery 2

Fantasy Galleries

It is fun sometimes to just step away from every day.

"Bloodrayne" inspired shoot with Melissa. She seemed to take on the persona of the character, presenting a dangerously alluring, sexy and frightening heroine.

"Underworld" movie inspired photo shoot. Melissa once more in the role of a vampire, only this time in more leather and brandishing twin Beretta 9mm hand guns in place of those massive swords. We captured the ominous feel of the movie in the few sets I used. Melissa fell into character and was quite believable reliving the opening bell tower scene, the subway/hallway shoot-out and the room in the mansion lair.

Special Tribute If this site is a summation of the last 16 years of my journey through life with a lens in front of my eye, it must begin with one person. Be sure to visit "The Face that launched a Thousand Photographs" ; Jessica Williams.


I have a tendency to ignore this web site but it's initial concept was not to be yet another blog or 'Face Book' style page. As of this writing it is 2017 and I have added some recent photos and made minor changes but have not removed any photos because of their age.

I spend a great deal of time and effort restoring old photos however my passion remains portraiture. I enjoy capturing the real person in a serious portrait. I despise portraits that use the same pose at the same angle with the same light and same expression. I attempt to get to know my subject. I observe how they naturally smile as opposed to a forced, plastic expression and as a result my customers are all very pleased with the results. A good photo can make a world of difference on a business card, flyer or even on a web page. A photographer is a person with a vision capable of composing an image and not merely the one who pushes the button on a camera.

Take your time and enjoy the photos. Feel free to contact me with questions, requests for work or for permission to use any photos I own the rights to. The email is simply Ed@Edsimagery.com Sorry if I am slow to respond.



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Other Photography

If you like what you see on my site and have a project in mind you would like me to consider please email me at Ed@Edsimagery.com

---------------------------Wedding Photography

Some of the most difficult photos to take are in the field of sports journalism. I am by no means a sports fan so I have never been hired to document a game or sporting event of any type. I was a school newspaper photographer so I did experience the stress of photographing basketball games. Near to the difficulty of capturing elusive moments in a game is that of documenting a wedding. A wedding needs to be well planned and choreographed and usually even at its most scripted moments there are frequently unforeseen moments that require a photographer to everywhere at once and with his finger on the shutter release. Many things can happen that are a once in a lifetime occurance and the photographer has to be ready - much like in sports. I have photographed weddings under both ideal and frantic conditions and managed to get good results. As the couple finally leave after the reception I am usually more exhausted than either they or the parents. Weddings are also private and emotional and as a result I do not publish or post photos from the weddings I shoot. There are traditional poses and moments that are expected, but I attempt to go beyond the usual and provide special moments from the event. I am also an expert at Adobe Photoshop that editing the photos afterward can be fun for me and entertaining for the client. For example; a candid shot of one bride inspired me to transform her beautiful countenance into an angelic form. It is a very small matter to place the faces of the bride and groom onto the plastic figures on top of the cake or into the surface of a wedding ring. A beach photo can easily have clouds or dolphins in the shape of a heart. My only limitations are the extent of my imagination. My strong point is photographing women and so brides and bridesmaids tend to dominate my attention.

---------------------------------------------Band Photography

----------Music has been a big part of my life since I first sang childhood songs and learned to love the hymns at Church.I have taken photos at major concerts and again at minor local performances and enjoyed it either way. I have been in several bands that performed in clubs or at events and was always at a loss to find someone to take photos while I was onstage. I have recently been photographing a local duet at their shows and decided to post some of those photos here on my web site. I also decided to post some old photos and sound files of one of my personal bands "The Misfit Toys". This was mostly for the nostalgic fun of it. Again, when I was onstage I could not photograph the band, but the promotional photos were strictly my composition and execution. The majority of the photographs of bands for the past 50 years seems to look nearly alike. I am speaking of the group shot used on flyers and in ads. Generally the entire band is squeezed into the shot with at least one person making a grimmace to look 'cool'. In a stack of band photos many are indistinguishable from each other. I believe the photos I take not only stand out from the rest, but are memorable long after being viewed.

Roll over photos


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Misfit Toys

A brief explaination. These sound files have no direct part of Ed's Imagery Photography, however it was a portion of my life and I was asked to share a few tracks from the band. The band was a joint project by me and my then wife Elizabeth. We were joined by Dennis Kapoyos on guitar and later by our sound engineer who took over drums; Mike Adams. Elizabeth wrote all of her magnificent, spirit touching lyrics. In addition to singing and fronting the band she played keyboards, percussion and castanettes. Dennis composed his guitar parts and played all guitars in the recordings. I introduced song ideas to which each member adapted their style and often wrote an appropriate part. Mike's drumming was the perfect match to Dennis' often textural style of guitar and my unconventional bass playing. It was a wonderful mix of different styles and different tastes melting into a distinctive sound. A blend of pop and Gothic with a rock foundation. The non-studio tracks presented here are not the best quality, but that should be expected. I recorded almost every rehersal, and that was generally four times a week. I also recorded every live show from the very first opener in Georgetown, to the larger venues and our many out of state concerts.Good music and a lot of talent. We were not a 'club band' in the true sense; we were a concert band. We didn't 'perform' or play, we gave a concert. Often the audience was dazzled by our unique approach. "Bells will ring" features Elizabeth playing castanets while "Lost then Found" featured Mike using mallets instead of drum sticks for a hypnotic pattern. He sometimes used a gong to great affect. Elizabeth would also switch between playing percussion on 'Roto-toms, wood blocks, cabassa, tambourine, cow bell and her keyboards or even a glockenspiel'. She kept busy! One club owner lamented that when we played no one in house moved as every eye and ear was upon us. That was great for us, but killed his sale of beer and drinks. The black and white photos I have posted are the work of my hands. I took many rolls of film for promotiional use and some appeared in fliers or in the newspaper. I no longer have the tear sheets, but my photos appeared in the Washington Post, the Village Voice and the Pittsburgh Press among others. As our music evolved so did our appearance as evidenced by these photos. The color photos are actually screenshots from a television appearance aired in 1989 and from some videotape of early shows. Misfit Toys defied pigeon hole catagorizing. We lived under the shadow of the 'pop' sound of "Blondie" but carried a dark edge inspired by bands such as "Siouxsie and the Banshees" and the "Cure". Still we were a rock band and could stand with the best of our peers when it came to writing or performing. Our self released 12" Singled charted across the country, though mainly on college radio and independant 'progressive' stations. In addition to requests for more material and to perform across the country, we garnered interest from several important record labels. Unfortunately this occurred at the time when our guitartist left to pursue other interests.

Misfit Toys ...............Studio Tracks in Mp3 format


................Promise Me

..................Tell Me Why

....................The Ordinary

.......................Stop and Fade Away

........................Stop and Fade Away -Live Version

.........................This Side of Paradise -Live Rehersal

............................Dark House Recorded Live

...............................Bells will Ring -Live

...................................Break it in Two -Live Rehearsal


*Video Footage of the "Misfit Toys" . Click on my comments to read my notes on the particular video.



--- _____"Tell Me'"Live Video

__ ...........

...Misfit Toys Recorded Live at the Electric Banana January 16, 1988

.....Click on the song title below to access the MP3 file from the show

......Stop and Fade Away/Empty Gardens

........Domino ...............Mirror Image .......................

....Fade To Black ..........Bells Will Ring .........I Can't Go

......Destiny ......Lost then Found ...The Ordinary ..

.....Dark House ..This Side of Paradise into Someday

.. Invisible into Heart of Sand . ....



.....................................................Videos......The Underground Railroad Jan. 17, 1987 ...........................







.......Mike ...