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Thank you for visiting Ed's Imagery web site where you will find an exhibition of my photographic imagery and a menu of services I provide. My objective is to not only display my artistry, but to inspire the viewer to create and to explore the possibilities of expression that have exploded in the digital age. Many proclaimed the end of traditional film photography and the obsolescence of career photographers. Now, an unskilled photographer can see his failings immediately and correct them rather than be disappointed after having his film developed. The artist with a camera too has the advantage of being able to make adjustments to his composition on the spot..

My objective is not to impress anyone with what I do, but to inspire those with graphic ideas to make them a reality. Art Gallery Please view my Art Galleries for a glimpse of my creative side expressed with my camera, helpful models and Adobe Photoshop. The quality of art is subjective and my tastes are varied much like anyone. I have been influenced by the era in which I grew up. I watched with great relish the classic films of Golden Hollywood and the stars greatly impacted my view of beauty. " Portraits" Is a fragment of my numerous sessions and it meant to display my talent of composure and the use of lighting. Another Gallery but fewer Girls. Gallery 2 Fantasy Galleries It is fun sometimes to just step away from every day. "Bloodrayne" inspired shoot with Melissa. She seemed to take on the persona of the character, presenting a dangerously alluring, sexy and frightening heroine. "Underworld" movie inspired photo shoot. Melissa once more in the role of a vampire, only this time in more leather and brandishing twin Beretta 9mm hand guns in place of those massive swords. We captured the ominous feel of the movie in the few sets I used. Melissa fell into character and was quite believable reliving the opening bell tower scene, the subway/hallway shoot-out and the room in the mansion lair. Special Tribute If this site is a summation of the last 16 years of my journey through life with a lens in front of my eye, it must begin with one person. Be sure to visit "The Face that launched a Thousand Photographs" ; Jessica Williams.

I spend a great deal of time and effort restoring old photos however my passion remains portraiture. I enjoy capturing the real person in a serious portrait. I despise portraits that use the same pose at the same angle with the same light and same expression. I attempt to get to know my subject. I observe how they naturally smile as opposed to a forced, plastic expression and as a result my customers are all very pleased with the results. A good photo can make a world of difference on a business card, flyer or even on a web page. A photographer is a person with a vision capable of composing an image and not merely the one who pushes the button on a camera. Take your time and enjoy the photos. Feel free to contact me with questions, requests for work or for permission to use any photos I own the rights to. The email is simply Sorry if I am slow to respond.

E d's Imagery is a full service photographic imaging service providing professional portraiture, model comps, advertising designs, advanced photo restoration and works of original art. State of the art equipment combined with years of experience and continual training results in high quality products guaranteed to please. In 2001, I saw the need for quality photographic work at a price the average person could afford. Calling upon my diverse experiences and knowledge acquired since I began using a 35mm camera at the age of eight, I decided to create an informal portrait business. I received formal training in digital imaging software and acquired advanced status after spending as many as ten hours a day by studying privately at my computer. I investede in professional cameras and studio equipment as well as computers and software. In my studio, I carefully craft images of women in the style of classic Hollywood publicity stills and more traditional and flattering style. A labor of love, the female form is my preferred subject, as opposed to men, children, wildlife or landscapes. I dramatically use light and shadow to capture a timeless element that assures my portraits will never look "dated" with a fad style. I am opposed to making images at an assembly-line photo studio. I wish to capture the quality of a woman's beauty, form and class with graceful poses that magnify the female form naturally. The eyes and face disclose the soul and I attempt to capture that unguarded moment when a woman reveals herself. It is my conviction that a woman should preserve her beauty for all time in photographic form. An image, just as a reflection, may not necessarily present a 100% truthful representation of a person's likeness, but much like a memory, it preserves the best semblance that a person's memory wishes to retain. Ed's Imagery is available for photographic assignments, advertising, modeling, portraits and "Love story" photo shoots for weddings and engagements all for a reasonable fee. Ed's Imagery pays well when need arises for a model for an art project, and is a great place for an inexperienced model to get started. Last but not least, Ed's Imagery does expert photo retouching and restoration for unbelievably low prices and quick turn-around. Models are encouraged to contact me for paying work, even if you have never modeled professionally before. Give Us A Try! E-Mail Ed for Information


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