Enjoy a few photos from an outdoor performance by "Gemini".

These were taken August 21, 2015 at the ocean side terrace of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Melbourne Florida.

The evening was humid, the audience was old, but once again the girls made an impressive performance of a variety of oldies and lounge standards. It does not matter what they perform, their vocals are breathtaking. I can't think of many seasoned singers who can so perfectly blend their voices both in harmonies and in duel leads. The audience enjoyed the band and it was obvious the girls enjoyed their time on stage. I selected a few of the many photos I took to showcase their visual appeal as well as their professional demeanor. Once again I reccomend visiting their Face Book page to view previously recorded performances. https://www.facebook.com/?_rdr=p#!/GeminiMusicians Even on a cell phone they sound great. I have added video footage I shot, which is an improvement in sound and imagery over the cell phone video postings at Face Book. As usual in such situations people like to walk in front of a camera, so for those shadowy interruptions I apologize. I must also excuse my poor handling of the camcorder. I have never called myself a videographer, and unfortunately my many tri-pods do not suit a ''handycam". I do hope that the videos as well as the photos I post here will entice those in the area to attend any appearances in the future. Again, their Face Book page will have listings.

The photos below are thumbnails; click on each one for a large view.


Below are a few videos from the Crowne Plaza Hotel Performance in August and the 'Subline Sangria' in July.


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Photos and Videos from the performance in Rockledge, Florida on February 2017. The night was cool and comfortable, the ladies were relaxed and performed wonderful with moments of intensity followed by beautiful smiles of sincere gratitude for the applause. Click the 'buttons' for the video.

Photo of the Gemini band ladies no.1


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Here are two candids between sets. First is candle light from the front and moon light from behind. The second is a hand on hand shot. The evening was a little cool for guitar picking fingers to remain flexible. As the temperature dropped the strings also tend to go out of tune but they were right on top of such eventualities.


Two more of a subtle angle.