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I hired Kate Moore to star in a music video/short film project. After meeting and making a screen test I was so impressed I immediately
stopped searching and auditioning other women. Kate is certainly a beautiful young woman but I needed more than a pretty face or
nice figure. She quickly displayed an ability to not only portray the character I needed but to play several versions of the same person
undergoing drastic changes. I found her to be very professional and more than capable. She met all of my film needs and even managed to
assist me in directing the film at times. It is difficult to not become captivated by her face in each role she played and in every character scenario.
She looked terrific in each costume and made a remarkable transformation with her make up and her - which she quite competently did herself.
Having met the needs for my video I couldn't help but desire to photograph her out of character. She went into wardrobe and chose several outfits
to wear and once again did her hair and makeup as she felt matched the outfits. She also chose the backdrops. I believe I captured her at her
best and proudly display here a short gallery of some of those photos and several taken during the filming.
It is my hope to one day work with her again.

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