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Some of the most difficult photos to take are in the field of sports journalism. I am by no means a sports fan so I have never been hired to document a game or sporting event of any type. I was a school newspaper photographer so I did experience the stress of photographing basketball games. Near to the difficulty of capturing elusive moments in a game is that of documenting a wedding. A wedding needs to be well planned and choreographed and usually even at its most scripted moments there are frequently unforeseen moments that require a photographer to everywhere at once and with his finger on the shutter release. Many things can happen that are a once in a lifetime occurance and the photographer has to be ready - much like in sports. I have photographed weddings under both ideal and frantic conditions and managed to get good results. As the couple finally leave after the reception I am usually more exhausted than either they or the parents. Weddings are also private and emotional and as a result I do not publish or post photos from the weddings I shoot. There are traditional poses and moments that are expected, but I attempt to go beyond the usual and provide special moments from the event. I am also an expert at Adobe Photoshop that editing the photos afterward can be fun for me and entertaining for the client. For example; a candid shot of one bride inspired me to transform her beautiful countenance into an angelic form. It is a very small matter to place the faces of the bride and groom onto the plastic figures on top of the cake or into the surface of a wedding ring. A beach photo can easily have clouds or dolphins in the shape of a heart. My only limitations are the extent of my imagination. My strong point is photographing women and so brides and bridesmaids tend to dominate my attention.


--Band Photography

----------Music has been a big part of my life since I first sang childhood songs and learned to love the hymns at Church.I have taken photos at major concerts and again at minor local performances and enjoyed it either way. I have been in several bands that performed in clubs or at events and was always at a loss to find someone to take photos while I was onstage. I have recently been photographing a local duet at their shows and decided to post some of those photos here on my web site. I also decided to post some photos of one of my personal bands "The Misfit Toys". When I was onstage I could not photograph the band, but the promotional photos were strictly my composition and execution. The majority of the photographs of bands for the past 50 years seems to look nearly alike. I am speaking of the group shot used on flyers and in ads. Generally the entire band is squeezed into the shot with at least one person making a grimmace to look 'cool'. In a stack of band photos many are indistinguishable from each other. I believe the photos I take not only stand out from the rest, but are memorable long after being viewed. Below you will find several of my band photos along with a CD jacket I designed and a web sit button using a photo I took. I can use your ideas or construct my own plan for band promotional photos, ads, CD jackets or for their web site.

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