Amber A
Amber is a unique person. I first met her approximately 10 years ago and was immediately struck with her uncommon zest for life. She was simply a radiant person who appeared undaunted by all life had thrown at her. She had and has no ego and seems as unaware of her magnetic personality as she is of her attractive looks. Behind the energy and smiles is a superb mind and a survivors spirit. People naturally enjoy being around a positive person, even when they enjoy pushing the boundaries of being 'normal'. When I originally got the chance to photograph Amber it was a hurried session and Amber had a bad cold. I believe I captured a side of her that no one really ever saw. The images I chose to show here depict an elegance nonchalance, a beauty with class. Her friends and family might be surprised to see her away from jeans and her pink Volkswagen Vanagon.She and I disagree upon which photos we like, but these are my choice.When she saw these photos again after a long lapse in time she was pleased with what she saw. Her outburst at one was "Wow, I look so hot there that I would do me"

To know her is to love her.


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