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Ashley is a young woman of delectable natural beauty, wit, charm and a level of intelligence to intimidate most men. She was recommended to me by a mutual friend who raved about a beautiful girl he had known since adolescence. Naturally I was skeptical. I have seen too many times where a parent or boyfriend thinks a girl is a 'natural' or born photogenic only to meet someone I had to apologize to my camera for subjecting it to a tedious photo shoot.

Ashley was a delight to photograph. In truth she was a delight to spend time with during and after the shoot while reviewing the results. My photos reveal how I like to capture the image of this beautiful woman. The angles and lighting were my choice, the wardrobe and make up were hers. When she first contacted me about doing a shoot I had her e-mail me several photos. I was immediately struck with her hair cut. It was the perfect cut for her. So very complimentary to the shape of her face and the length of her neck and a color that worked with her skin color to define her green eyes. I am proud of my photos of her which exploit her beauty and not her chest.

Ashley has moved away from the area where I live, graduated from collage and in general moved on with her life. Along the way she was asked to pose for a calendar and was selected for the cover. She has garnered internet fame for her modeling Snorg Brand tee-shirts as well as for her creative photos posted on "Deviant Art" under the name of "Phoenixbeauty" I am happy for her successes and wish her all the best in all things.

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