My Tribute to "Bloodrayne"


Years ago I was introduced to a video game titled "Bloodrayne". I watched my son playing it on his "X-Box" little knowing what the future held for me and this character.......





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The wig was purchased at Best Wig Outlet and it's a beautiful thing!

The corset was purchased at "Flirt Catalog" with great help from Lindi

Those great boots were purchased from Pierresilber

Swords were available from Sword Demon

I am not one who normally plays video games or reads comic books. I was unfamiliar with the Bloodrayne character, but once I played the game I was captivated.

Bloodraye is a character developed by "Majesco" and all rights to the name and image are held solely by them. I encourage anyone interested to buy the two video games and to visit the official web site

The comic books are an adventure in themselves and worthy of collecting. The two movies bearing the name .......well, just read the online reviews.

I believe my tribute is faithful to the game and the comic books. My model became Rayne once she was in costume and on my set. It amazed me to review the shots and to look over at the model, the transformation from the young woman seen in my portrait gallery to this ravishingly dangerous creature.

Most of the fantasy photo shoots I have done involved the fantasy of galmour. I believe all little girls like to play 'dress up' and even when they grow up there remains inside a part of a woman that enjoys playing a role out of their normal character. Maybe that is why most women like to shop. Trying on clothes, especially outrageous fashions or dressing up to go clubbing is all an extension of the little girl playing dress- up. I've watched a girl's eyes light up when she looks through wardrobe and sees outrageous stilettos or thigh high boots as well as fabulous gowns and dresses. Girls all like hats, and surprisingly many like guns and swords. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my session with Melissa and I wanted to do a follow up shoot based upon the second game where Rayne wore a daring dress instead of leather. Unfortunately her schedule and mine has not as yet allowed it. I can not envision anyone else wielding those swords or rendering that unique, piercing glare.

Enjoy the gallery, your comments are welcome. Comments to Ed or compliments to Melissa

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