Cassie the Checkergirl


I spent 10 months in search of a girl to become my new logo. A pretty face and shapely figure that I would photograph and then turn into a line drawing for business cards and promotional items. When I saw Cassie at her day job I was awe struck at how perfect she would be. I was able to convince her to do the shoot for me and could not have been more delighted with the resulting logo photo.


As an added bonus to me, she was more than willing to take on a project that I had been making plans for. My idea was to set up a black and white checkered backdrop and then dress a model in black and white checkered dress, stockings and gloves so that when photographed, she would appear to morph from the background like a 3-D animation.It didn't quite turn out that way, but I am very happy with some photos that are still able to play games with your eyes and mind.

Cassie was perfect for this idea too. Her hair, complexion and figure were ideally suited and in this gallery I proudly present some of the results of that photo shoot.

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