I photographed Dawn on four occasions, and each time she had a very different look about her. In truth, on one particular day when I answered a knock on my front door I didn't recognize her. Again while passing on a staircase at the local collage she greeted me and Iwould not have known her, despite spending hours staring at her through my lens.

Dawn is more than simply a pretty young woman. She has a quality of beauty that my camera found beyond the obvious. I see in her reflections of old Hollywood, and have chosen to display several images that manifest this notion.The pose as a 'Flapper", "a Starlet " and even a seductress all work without appearing costume-like. Her countenance is unthreatening and thereby attractive in a way distant from being sexy in a base manner. She was interesting and fun to be with while being easy to photograph in any situation I placed her.

Enjoy my small gallery of Dawn

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