Digital Customization is a fancy way to say a photo does not have to look the way it was taken. A single person can be seamlessly removed from a group photo, or added from a different source. Backgrounds can be changed from dreary to bright or even to an exotic locale. A single photograph can be made from several. Imagine a complete family portrait from multiple images! Do you have a wonderful photo ‘ruined’ by a stranger in the background?

Photographed in my studio, not in Italy.

Background photo by David Henry: Visit his web site for excellent photos of Italy and France

Touch up? Modern technology allows us to do more than correct blemishes. It is possible to "open” eyes, remove reflected glare from glasses or even the glasses themselves. For those with concerns over their physical appearance, it is possible to reduce waistlines, increase bustlines, remove circles or bags under eyes or "thicken" hairlines. The traditional ‘airbrush’ can be a flawless edit in the right hands. Digital plastic surgery, the only limitation is your imagination.

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