Some life events are never recorded on film and are only recalled in the mind of those who were there. Others are fortunately photographed although sometimes without the benefit of an experienced photographer. Armed with the knowledge of decades of film experience and the latest training in the realm of digital manipulation, Ed's Imagery can often correct the mistakes made at the time a photograph was initially taken. An image under exposed is often very simple to correct and details are brought out into the light.

Often our most cherished photographs are the ones that are in the worse condition. Ed's Imagery takes pride in correcting fades and color shifts in old photos. Cracks, scratches and tears are often the most common assignments on old photos and they are no problem. Upon seeing the photo, we will present the customer with options and costs for each possible correction. The evaluation and estimate are free.

Repairs and prints can be made from photographs, slides, negatives, CD's or floppy discs or nearly any media type. Prices include a high resolution scan.

Photo Restoration requires heart in addition to technical and artistic skills. Here at Ed's Imagery all photographs are treated as though they were cherished heirlooms and the finished photographic is guaranteed to please. The customer is given many levels of restoration from which to choose based not only on the condition of the original photograph, but also the level of expense the customer wishes to involve.

This example shows the repair of an old photograph, dirty, faded and scribbled upon. The customer desired to do a basic clean-up and removal of the ink scribbles but not a full restoration. Just the bare minimum was performed and a total charge of $25.00 was made.

This is an example of a restoration and colorization of a cute photo with a lot of sentimental value. The original photo was poorly exposed and as a result the highlights are "blown out" and contain little detail. There are a number of tricks to add to the photo the things that are missing, but here since it was to be colorized the bright highlights were of little importance. Unlike a colorized old movie, I make every effort to capture correct tonal values when known. Hair is never one color and not only has it's own blend of colors, but reflects color from around it. Caucasian skin too is a blend of tan, brown, pink, orange and shades of blue at the least. If you desire a true restoration to a photo then the restoring artist must put his heart into recreating an accurate image. A quick clean up is inexpensive if that is what is needed. Our services are available to the degree our customers require. Here, as a black and white or as a color print is a photo that will be cherished. Please consider your monitor color calibration when evaluation my color tones.

Here is an example of a detailed restoration and colorization. Similar jobs would cost from $60.00 to $115.00. All restorations include a print any size up to 13 x 19 and a CD with a digital copy of the file.


Restoration work is done at a very high resolution scan and work performed at high magnification so when the photo is sized down to normal, it contains more detail. The normal procedure at most discount restoration service facilities is to add a small blur to the image to hide cracks and wear. Some drug stores now scan your image and send the file over seas to China for ‘expert restoration’. Learn where your money is going first.

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