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Some of my adventures in Portrait Photography

Let me preface this page by stating that I have no taste for structured, assembly-line portraits.They certainly have their place and the wall galleries at corporate headquarters are not designed to delight the viewer with artistic daring or captivating composition. Likewise I could never take a job making school class photos. The style I like to shoot is not what the job requires. I do not document a person's existence at a place in time. I break rules about lighting, posing and exposure to capture an image of the subject, even if it presents a false representation.

The following pages and galleries are presented with a two-fold purpose. One; to display the beauty of the girls and women.

Two; to exhibit my style of portraiture.

Certainly my choice of images to display will not be in complete agreement with those that the subject would select. In some cases I have hundreds of photos from one shoot to select a few to post .I hope you will enjoy the galleries of 'my girls' and visit all of their pages. I begin with Amber.

The very first moment I met Amber I was awestruck by the beauty of her eyes .I believe my first words to her were something along the line of " I want to photograph your eyes". I then had to back track and tell her of my photography hobby as an artistic outlet. I also had to elaborate upon the details of my home studios and the list of references that would attest that this was not a rouse to get young women to my house for other purposes.

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