Fantasy Photo Shoot Inspired By Sony Pictures "Underworld" Series

If you live under a rock and have never seen either movie I encourage you to visit the official web site at

Once again Melissa and I enjoyed creating a fantasy shoot, this time based upon a movie.The movie of course has a female lead in the role of a vampire.Not the usual blood sucking, undead sleaze, but a fearless ass-kicking member of a secret society who fights a centuries old battle against "Lycans" - werewolves. In their gothic metropolis they do battle with modern weaponry and seemingly are dismissed by the public as warring factions of criminals .Naturally there is the intrigue of a forbidden romance and the search for a 'cure' for the lycanthropic metamorphesis.The movie is fast paced action with terrific special effects.The storyline was strong enough for a sequel of equal quality. Cast as the lead was the beautiful and versatile Kate Beckinsale.Very believable in her intense determination and violent actions.She looks great in any costume.

I am certain most people think of boudoir scenes when it comes to the term 'fantasy' but I don't necessarily think like most people. I do not have a hidden desire to make movies or to be involved in the 'role playing' aspect of what I photograph. I do take delight in photographing a girl who only wear jeans in a flattering gown, made up and looking glamorous.It amazes me too when a girl, normally shy and introverted becomes transformed into a dynamic action hero by simply putting on a costume.As seen elsewhere in my galleries I don't hesitate to place a katanna or machine gun into the hands of a pretty girl in a gown who had been posing demurely minutes before .I think the girls like the feeling of power, the excitement of being in control.

Please enjoy my "underworld" inspired gallery.

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I have photographed Melissa under more normal attire and set conditions and hope the visitor to my web site has not overlooked her 'normal' gallery and her appearance in my art gallery.

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